The Benefit Of Renting Plants For Your Business

paradise-plant-logo-final-icon-onlyAs you know, decorating your office or business is a great way to enhance not only the professional image of your company but also helps to provide a feeling of comfort and peace to those people who visit your office.

Live plants look beautiful but they do require regular attention and maintenance to grow and thrive.

Two of the primary benefits of simply renting indoor plants for your business is the advantages of saving time and money. You save time by not having to expend valuable personnel resources in watering, maintenance, clean up, trimming and knowing where to place to get the correct amount of light. You save money because people who are untrained in the skill of proper plant maintenance, have a tendency to manage the plants incorrectly, which result in the untimely demise of many beautiful and costly greenery.

Another valuable benefit in indoor plant rentals is the fact that the company your renting the plants from, not only maintains and manages them properly but will also assist you with consulting for proper interior plant design. They’ll guide you as to which plants best suit the decor and style of your office as well as the location as to the placement of specific plants so they receive the proper amount of lighting and ventilation.

If your office happens to be planning an upcoming meeting, event or conference, then plant rentals for the short term, specific to the event are always a wise and cost effective solution to provide beauty, status and style while at the same time maintaining a low overhead which helps to increase profitability of your business.

We recommend you consult with a local plant rental and maintenance company to discover the time and money saving benefits for your company.

by: Steve Giannos – Paradise Plant Maintenance